Casey & Joe


How did you both meet? 

Joe and I first met in high school back in September 2006. We instantly clicked and became really close friends. In the early days he used to ride his bike over to my house and bring me the latest episodes of a TV series called ‘The O.C.’ I thought he was just being a really good friend, but after while I started to see that there was something more to it!
The first time we knew there was something more between us than just friendship was New Year’s Eve 2006; we went walking through the park in our home town and watched the fireworks from the hill. It wasn’t until January 10 2007 that we went on our actual “first date”. We went to the beach to watch the sunset and that’s where we had our first kiss and when our relationship officially began. Here we are 10 years later!

Was it love at first sight? 

When I think back to the first time I saw Joe it wasn’t love at first sight, but I knew that there was something different about him and that we would end up in each other’s lives somehow. 

Where & when did you get married - tell us a little bit about your day? 

We got married on the 22nd of September 2017 at a villa in the mountains in Cyprus. We wanted to keep our wedding small and intimate and that’s exactly what it was. We had a total of around 40 guests with the 25 from Australia spending the week with us in the villas and the other guests flew in from Lebanon or were already living in Cyprus. We had our ceremony on the top villa overlooking the mountains and the sea, our reception dinner down at the bottom villa and then our reception party back up at the top villa. 

Tell us about your rings, what did that process look like? 

My rings are very unique; I first saw a picture of my engagement ring online nearly 5 years ago. It’s a single centre stone surround by a halo of smaller diamonds with a twist in the band either side. My wedding band looks like a wave of diamonds that fit around my engagement ring. 

What drew you to Michel’s Jewellery for your wedding pieces? 

Michel’s work is absolutely perfect. Having had a ring made by him previously, I knew that his craftsmanship was excellent and that he would keep me involved throughout the whole process, which he did. The end result was better than I could have imagined!

What do your rings mean to you? 

To me, my rings signify happiness, love and the commitment that I have made to my husband. 

What is marriage to you? 

Marriage is about having a best friend and a partner in life. It’s about being able to share the ups and downs with someone who will always support you and love you on the good days and the bad. It’s being able to make each other laugh so hard that your stomach aches but also lay your head on their shoulder to cry when you need to. It’s so much more than love alone. 

What was your favourite part of the wedding day?

My favourite part of the day was having our off-site photoshoot in a small town called Kathikas. We were so relaxed, the scenery was beautiful and we could just enjoy each other’s company as husband and wife.

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